Havana '59 Exhibition and Sale at Eastern University - Opening - November 11, 2011

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Private Property

24" x 34" - Acrylic on Canvas
George H.
Rothacker, 2010©

Price: $3700 (plus shipping & handling)

The system of color coding of license plates in Cuba, was copied from the former Soviet Union, to help authorities keep tabs on people and their vehicles. The government owns most cars which have blue plates and letters that indicate when and where the vehicles can operate and whether the driver can use it for personal use as well as professional reasons.Executives at government-run firms get caramel-colored plates. Military vehicles have mint green, rear only plates; Interior Ministry cars (like that of the Castros) sport olive green plates; and black plates are reserved for diplomats.

Most of the half-century-old American vehicles that help give Cuba its retro atmosphere are owned privately, and are driven as taxis and for private use, have yellow-orange tags. The Oldsmobile in my painting is one of these, and the driver is waiting for a fare across from the home of Raul Castro in the center of Old Havana.